Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wedding Consultant Interview Questions

A wedding consultant interview questions are asked to those people who are sitting in an interview for a wedding consultant post. The wedding consultant is the person who provides services for wedding planning, wedding arrangements, decorations, theme of wedding and many other wedding related matters. Therefore, the interviewers try to focus the questions on wedding consultancy field.

Sample Wedding Consultant Interview Questions

  1. First of all, tell us about yourself?
  2. What is your experience in wedding consultancy field?
  3. Where have you worked before as a key wedding consultant?
  4. In previous years if you have provided your services for any prominent clients than tell us about them?
  5. Until date in this field, what has been your experience, what kind of wedding themes and designs people prefer the most?
  6. Can you explain, what should be the key features of Egyptian wedding theme?
  7. Is there any of your past wedding projects where you organized the wedding in minimum time with all the grandeur?
  8. In a particular given budget, what could be an ideal wedding theme that can satisfy the client as well?
  9. Wedding consultancy is a challenging job…describe it in your words?
  10. What are those main challenges or problems do you usually face while working with a client?
  11. What is your dream-wedding theme or a wedding you would like to work for?
  12. Is there any recent celebrity or high profile wedding took place that impressed you a lot ..Explain the reasons and tell us how it could have been made even better?

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