Thursday, July 19, 2012

Customer Interview Questions

Customer interview questions are designed to elicit the required data from the customers.  The focus is on the customers and their needs.  Questions generally include what the customer wants, whether their expectations are met with by the product, etc.

While preparing customer interview questions, it is important to know whether the subject is already a customer, or is a potential customer.  Once that is established, the questions must begin with what can be termed as ‘ice-breaker’ questions. This is important, as the customers will then be able to open up and answer more detailed questions.

It is good to warn the customers how much time you expect them to devote to your interview.  If you wish to record the interview, it must be only with the permission of the customer. It is best to group the questions into different headings as this would give the customer a chance to keep his thought-processes clear.

The aim of these questions is to gauge the customer satisfaction and to check if your product/service meets with it.  So, while asking customer interview questions, you must at all times, be attentive to the responses.  If need be, you must seek explanatory comments or remarks for any of the answers.

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