Thursday, July 19, 2012

Functional Consultant Interview Questions

Functional consultant interview questions are for those candidates who are sitting in an interview for functional consultant job. These questions cover the work profile of a functional consultant. Companies hire functional consultant while implementing an early stage or mid level stage of a new procedure/system. The functional consultant coordinates and configures linkage between various modules, structures and work procedures to make a technology work smoothly. They can work in IT sector or any other technical field.

Sample Functional Consultant Interview questions

  1. First of all, tell us your qualifications and work experience as a functional consultant?
  2. In your last organization, what were those major projects that you managed or handled?
  3. While working with a software company what problems a functional consultant usually faces?
  4. What are the key tasks of a functional consultant?
  5. What is the importance of good communication skills while working as a functional consultant as you need to work with various department and staff of a company?
  6. How goods is your communication and administration skills in the context of above question, explain with some examples or prior experiences?
  7. What are the latest modules and technologies in telecom sector?
  8. Can you name some of those technical modules or system that are commonly used in various industries?
  9. Underline those key problems that you used to face while training the other staff about a new technique or system?
  10. In the age of software and hardware consultant, what do you think how much the role of a functional consultant is important?
  11. What are your salary expectations from this job profile?

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