Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tax Consultant Interview Questions

Tax consultant interview questions are outlined by the experts in order to conduct an interview and to judge the overall expertise of an interested candidate, who is willing to work as a tax consultant. By estimating the professional skills, judging the knowledge and inspecting the professional attitude, a deserving candidate can be appointed as a tax consultant.

Sample Tax consultant interview Questions:

  • Mention any three strengths and weakness of your candidature. How many years working experience do you have in this field?
  • Discuss the routine job duties of a tax consultant. What are your achievements as a tax consultant?
  • What do you understand from financial adjustments, credits and deductions after reviewing a tax report?
  • Explain the method of compiling and examining a tax report of a corporate company and an individual?
  • Differentiate between a sales tax and service tax. How does sales tax different from an excise duty?
  • Explain the concept of investment banking. Discuss form C and TDS.
  • What is the procedure of filing a tax? How does paying tax help the government?
  • Give an appropriate definition for maintenance charges and interest paid.
  • Explain a work contract tax. What is the role of such a document in filing income tax return?
  • Are you aware about the latest VAT tax rate slabs approved by the government?
  • Discuss the diverse categories of VAT.
  • What is the formula of calculating VAT and TDS?
  • How do you manage and contact the potential client active in the market?
  • Why should we consider you for this job position over the other candidates?

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