Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fashion Cosmetologists Interview Questions

Fashion cosmetologists interview questions are a set of questions that can be directed at a candidate by a group of panelists while conducting recruitment for the post of a Fashion Cosmetologist. These types of questions are framed so as to assess the knowledge and experience needed in this particular job profile.

Sample Fashion cosmetologists interview questions

  • How many years of work experience do you possess in the field of fashion?
  • Did you remember serving any high profile clients as a Fashion Cosmetologist?
  • What types of cosmetic projects are most used for styling?
  • How do you equip yourself with the latest fashion knowledge?
  • Have you had a long term business relationship with your clients?
  • Please list a few achievements that you have had in this career?
  • Where have you taken training for cosmetology? Do you recommend your institute to young student fashion cosmetologists?
  • Can you manage on the job training while also performing your daily duties?
  • What does it take to become a good fashion cosmetologist?
  • If you provide you some sample important items for styling the face, can you do it right now?
  • Are you aware of some of the cosmetology standards that are to be complied with? If yes, please mention.
  • Why should safety standards in cosmetology be complied with?
  • What attracted you to choose our firm?
  • What are your salary expectations from this job profile?
  • If selected, how soon can you join us?
  • Do you have any issues in signing a contract with our firm?

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