Saturday, November 19, 2011

Important factors to be considered while preparing for an interview

An interview is the first step towards getting a job. The applicant has tokeep multiple things in mind before going for the interview. Starting from hisattire till his documents everything must be in place. The applicant mustprepare some mock interviews so that he can confidently face the realinterview. Candidate should also do some home work to prepare himself for allthe answers asked during the interview. The most decisive factor about thesuccess of the candidate his bundle of knowledge and the ability to express it.The candidate must have good communication skill to be able to answerconfidently in the interview. Some of the important factors which a candidatemust bear in mind are:
  • The candidate must dress formally and his attire should be neat and decent.
  • The candidate must be confident.
  • He must gather all relevant information about that company and for the profile he is opting for.
  • He must also gather information about the competitor of the company he is willing to join.
  • He must keep a good CV along with all his documents in place.
  • He must have extensive knowledge about his specific fields along with some general knowledge about the common subjects.
  • He must brush up his technical knowledge to be able to answer all the questions correctly and confidently.
  • He must be prepared to answer all the questions asked about his educational background and professional expertise.
  • He should have clear idea about his hobbies and interests.
  • He should be thorough with all the technology and work experience he has gained in his previous organization.
  • He must have convincing answer and reason behind leaving his current job?
  • He must be ready to influence the interviewer with all his answer.
  • He should have some reasonable figure about his salary expectation.

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