Thursday, July 19, 2012

City Planning Consultant Interview Questions

A city planning consultant interview questions are those specific questions that a person has to answer in an interview of city planning consultant post. City planning consultant is responsible to make short and long-term policies for overall city development that includes industrial, housing and other civil amenities. Therefore, the interview questions should be focused to judge the ability of a person as a city planning consultant. The candidate should prepare all possible aspects of city planning.

Sample City Planning Consultant Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us something about your qualification?
  2. What is your pervious job experience as city planning consultancy?
  3. What was your job profile in your last organization/office?
  4. What are the main problems or issues that we have to face while city planning?
  5. How can we manage or make adjustment with spreading city and environmental resources?
  6. City planning consultancy career –why? Why not any other job?
  7. Your extra skills apart from your qualification regarding city planning?
  8. What major challenges do you think our cities are facing in the era of increasing population and decreasing land area?
  9. What is the difference between city planning and urban planning?
10.  What salary do you expect from this job profile?
11.  What are the enjoyable aspects of this job, in your view?
12.  What could be an effective plan for our city’s traffic system?
  1. What effective steps can be taken to improve the sanitation and drainage system of the city?
14.  Tell us about some major challenges, you faced in your last job?

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