Thursday, July 19, 2012

Communication Consultant Interview Questions

Communication consultant interview questions are those questions that a person has to answer when he is appearing for communication consultant job. A communication consultant provide their services for corporate and individuals to improve their communication channels with their clients. Communication consultant should be well aware of various modes of communication and should be capable to exploit them at maximum. He should be able to develop different communication plan for different requirements of company.

Sample Communication Consultant Interview Questions

  1. Please introduce yourself and tell us something about yourself?
  2. What is your experience in communication consultancy and since how long you are working in this field?
  3. In your opinion what type of communication methods or modes yield results that are more effective?
  4. Explain your last job profile and tell us how your communication strategies helped the organization to improve their performance in market?
  5. While working on a new brand or a product what would be your communication strategy to make it known?
  6. Suggest a communication strategy for a new company in market to make its image as an important player?
  7. Have you done any specialization programme or course in communication?
  8. Do you have any suggestion for the present communication policy of our company?
  9. What are your key skills for this job?
  10. How the communication consultancy is different from public relation consultancy?
  11. How much salary do expect from this job?
  12. How a communication consultancy plan will be different for a health sector company from a fitness product company? Please explain both plans briefly.

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