Thursday, July 19, 2012

Customer Service Coordinator Interview Questions

The position of a Customer Service Coordinator needs one to handle multiple teams for decision making. Their end objective is to take care of various issues of customers. Their managerial skill to resolve queries and disputes is of utmost importance. The Customer Service Coordinator Interview questions will help interviewers to select the right candidate for the post of a Customer Service Coordinator who can handle all the roles and responsibilities of the position well.

Sample Customer Service Coordinator Interview Questions

  1. Tell us about your education history.
  2. What are your strong points and weak points for this particular position?
  3. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 (least) and 5 (highest) in Team Work.
  4. How good are you in communication skills?
  5. Why are you leaving your previous job?
  6. Have you worked with multiple teams in your earlier job?
  7. How do you coordinate with different teams and bring all of them on the same table?
  8. What are the possible difficulties that can you face in the position of a Customer Service Coordinator?
  9. What would you choose among the two – working individually and having total control or working in a team and trying to adjust with everybody?
  10. What is your interpretation of a dream career?
  11. What is your opinion about working for extended hours?
  12. How well did you handle situations where there was more disagreement than agreement between teams?
  13. Describe the most memorable incident in your work life?
  14. How many members are present in your family?
  15. Why do you want to leave your family and get shifted to a different city to work?
  16. What do you prefer – money, family, or work?

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