Monday, November 21, 2011

Federal Accountant Interview Questions

Federal accountant interview questions are asked to an individual, who issitting for an interview to work on the same job position. These questions arevery helpful to identify the professional skills and expertise of handlingvarious federal accounting tasks. After screening all candidates, the HRdepartment appoints the qualified contender as a federal accountant.

Sample Federal Accountant Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your past work experience? Why did you leave the previous organization?
  • Discuss the major job role of a federal accountant?
  • Explain the introductory working standards and principles mandatory to work on this job designation?
  • What is financial budgetary information? How does this term vary for citizens, executive agencies, federal finance agencies and congressional groups?
  • According to you, how does a federal financing report play a vital role in fulfilling government’s public duties?
  • Explain the diverse procedures used to prepare federal accounting reports and annual formats according to budgetary information?
  • What is a financial conceptual framework? Discuss the federal resources, asset factors & liabilities used in preparing a standard framework?
  • How do you calculate revenue and super profit generated by the government’s investment?
  • Name the various attributes plays an important role in government’s financial property such as non- movable assets, physical property and plants & equipments, etc.
  • Discuss the objectives of federal financial reporting and also explain managerial cost accounting concepts with the help of an example?
  • State the type of federal government transactions? What is the procedure to control and maintain the consistent internal accounting & administrative management system?

Investment Accountant Interview Questions

Investment accountant interview questions are combined in a special set ofquestions used to interview the interested candidates, who are willing to workas an investment accountant. Such set of questions are quite helpful toestimate the professional knowledge, experience of maintaining investmentaccounting tasks and the educational level.

Sample Investment Accountant Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something you expertise in investment accounts? Why do you want to join this company?
  • Explain the major job functions of an investment accountant? Mention any two limitations of this designation.
  • What do you understand by the term: month end reconciliation, mortgage loan accounting and management investments? How these entities are related to each other?
  • Explain the fundamental rules of investment accounting for checking corporate accounts and managing financial assets?
  • Do you have knowledge of suggesting and implementing investment strategies to improve the productivity of an accounts department?
  • Why a two way communication mode is important for initiating a corporate investment relationship with the potential clients?
  • Name the annual and monthly investment reports prepared by an investment accountant. Discuss the format of any two reports respectively.
  • Do you have knowledge of accessing investment accounting software? Name any two software you are expert in running.
  • How do you control & review the flow of crediting financial accounts and investment fund transfers? What is your method to secure & hide the confidential data?
  • According to you, what is the best method to handle errors occurred in financial investment records? Describe a time when you were in dilemma to sort out such a complicated situation?
  • Do you think you can you perform the immediate analysis of liability, asset, profit and expenses, etc, when you are working under pressure?

Forensic Accountant Interview Questions

Forensic accountant interview questions are uniquely framed by the expertsto interview the interested candidates, who are willing to work as a forensicaccountant. After completing the interview and thoroughly investigation ofeducation level, professional abilities and experience of each candidate, adeserving candidate is being hired by the organization.

Sample Forensic accountant Interview Questions:

  • Tell us the strengths and weakness of your candidature? Why do you want to join this organization?
  • Define forensic accounting? What are the advantages of such a department?
  • Explain the forensic auditing procedures play a vital role in detecting frauds present in the corporate accounts?
  • Discuss the role of forensic investigating audit in local authorities, business entities and government bodies. State each with an example.
  • What are the different financial processes available in forensic accounting? Mention the essential phases conducted for diagnosing and preventing the accounting mistakes in diverse cases.
  • Explain the method of reviewing operational and financial procedures of an organization?
  • Discuss the general fraud symptoms investigated in a forensic accounting procedure?
  • Distinguish between traditional accounting and forensic accounting process? Give any two limitations of forensic accounting & auditing system?
  • Explain the terms: a fraud exposure survey, focal points and computer fraud auditing? How does computing auditing help in forensic accounting procedures?
  • Discuss the various standards and rules of forensic accounting? What legal sets are introduced by the government to support scientific accounting system?
  • Explain the terms: error prevention, error identification and fraud identification.
  • State the role of a forensic accountant in an internal and external auditing.
  • How many steps are there to complete a forensic accounting and evidence – gathering procedure?

Public Accountant Interview Questions

Public accountant interview questions are programmed to evaluate acandidate’s working experience, education and ability to handle & conductthe various public accounting procedures. These questions are programmed by theexperts after measuring the various traits and regulations of a publicaccountant designation. By asking these questions, a qualified candidate isappointed as a public accountant by the concerned department.

Sample Public accountant Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your work experience? How do you rate your accounting knowledge?
  • Explain the accounting principles defined to work as a public accountant.
  • Explain the terms: balance sheet, loss statement, tax returns and financial reports? How these attributes are related to each other?
  • Do you think public accounting acts as a backbone of the public financial structure? If yes, state with the help of an example.
  • Are you aware about recently introduced tax implications? Tell us the formula to calculate tax on an individual’s property.
  • What is the procedure of setting up an organization’s accounting system? How do you calculate profits and expenditures out of the total income slab?
  • Differentiate between corporate accounting and public accounting?
  • Do you have complete knowledge of legal norms associated with public accounting sector?
  • Explain your role in audit, financial analysis and accuracy procedures conducted in the public accounting department?
  • How do you maintain the record shelves of public tax return records? What method do you follow to preserve the confidential data for the same?
  • Do you think you can meet the deadlines of delivering annual financial reports when you are already working under pressure?
  • How effective communication skills do you have to deal with the potential clients?

Financial Auditor Interview Questions

Financial auditor interview questions are uniquely framed questions used toscreen the interested candidates, who are sitting for the interview offinancial auditor job position. These sets of questions are really beneficialto measure the productivity and knowledge of the interested contenders.

Sample financial auditor Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your work experience? Discuss the biggest strength and weakness of your resume?
  • Why financial audit is essential to manage and evaluate the overall financial procedures?
  • What do you understand from web auditing? How does web editing different from financial computer editing?
  • Explain the diverse steps for initiating financial auditing procedures? According to you, what is the ideal deadline to complete the financial audit?
  • Define internal finance audit? What are the different types of internal audit systems are available?
  • Distinguish between annual external finance audit and internal audit?
  • Discuss the different procedures involved to conduct and accomplish the internal finance audit?
  • How do you handle the errors and frauds found in the internal and external audit? Would you like to suggest some beneficial process to bring transparency in the financial records?
  • What approach do you follow to communicate with the concerned people during the financial audit?
  • Explain the various before auditing and after auditing procedures? How do you organize the official meetings regarding the financial audit programs?
  • As a financial auditor, what are your objectives to serve the finance department of the concerned organization?
  • Have you ever encountered with any panic issue in which you found a lot of finance calculation errors during the audit procedure?
  • According to you, which five traits are required to be a successful finance auditor?

Internal Auditor Interview Questions

Internal auditor interview questions are framed as a set of questions usedto interview an individual for the job position of an internal auditor. Withthe help of such an interview, the HR department appoints the deservingcandidate by measuring the professional skills, education level and ability todeal with the auditing procedures.

Sample internal auditor Interview Questions:

  • Please explain the two strengths and weakness of your candidature? Why do you want to work with our company?
  • Give the definition of audit. Explain an internal audit? What are the major functions of an internal audit procedure?
  • What do you understand from tax auditing? How this is different from internal auditing?
  • Define the pool rate and payroll task? Discuss the various activities associated with a payroll task system?
  • What do you understand from quality records? Discuss the importance of such records.
  • State the difference between observations and non- conformances?
  • Can you explain the different sections of a final internal report? State each section according to its importance.
  • How do you calculate interest on the capital? Explain paid up share capital.
  • Explain any two differences between the internal audit and statutory audit system?
  • What are the vital attributes explained in the final internal audit report? Name any three attributes.
  • How do you define Sundry Creditors? Explain the role of annual board meetings after accomplishing the internal audit?
  • What do you understand from accumulated depreciation? How does this factor play a vital role in the internal audit?
  • Explain the single audit process. Explain the importance of corrective measures suggested after completing the internal audit?

Entry Level Accounting Interview Questions

Entry level accounting interview questions are specially outlined tointerview the fresher and the new comers, who are equipped with the requiredaccounting skills and educational qualifications. Such set of questions areused to screen a candidate’s professional qualities, ability to handle thediverse accounting procedures and knowledge of maintaining important documents.

Sample Entry Level Accounting Interview Questions:

  • Why have you chosen accountancy as a career?  Do you have some practical knowledge of this field?
  • Explain the accountancy standards and procedures? Mention the major job functions of this job position in the accounts department.
  • Explain the term: ledger book, tax implication, super profit and cost reduction?
  • Define the term: invoice? Distinguish between an invoice and a bill.
  • Explain the main attributes of an invoice? Do you have knowledge of preparing an invoice?
  • What is an account book? Differentiate between an account book and a ledger book?
  • According to you, which one is a better for earning profits: sales tax or VAT tax?
  • Have you ever handled a serious invoice issue? If no, tell us how would you deal with such a situation in the future?
  • State the importance of accounts audit in accounting department.
  • As per your point of view, how does effective communication play a vital role to prepare and maintain the accurate accounting records?
  • How do you differentiate between expenditure and expenses?
  • Name the accountancy software you are familiar with?
  • How many invoices and billings you can handle monthly? Tell us about the desired work load.
  • Do you think you can deliver the assigned work within the deadlines?
  • Why should we hire you?

    Payroll Clerk Interview Questions

    Payroll clerk interview questions are exceptionally figured questions askedto the interested candidate, who is sitting for the interview of a payrollclerk job position. By asking these questions, the concerned department canmeasure the professional experience, knowledge of payroll procedures andeducation level of a contender.

    Sample Payroll Clerk Interview Questions:

    • Please tell us about your professional background?
    • Define payroll. Mention the various payroll procedures conducted regularly for updating the payroll database?
    • Explain the job duties and key responsibilities of a payroll clerk.
    • State the payroll principles and standards defined to work and maintain an organization’s payroll system.
    • In your regular job duties, how do you handle the errors and calculations problems?
    • Name the payroll software you can access? Do you have knowledge of some accounting software as well?
    • As a payroll clerk, how do you protect the salary information and confidential records of an organization?
    • Do you have experience of handling typical payroll issues raised by the employees? If yes, tell us about your strategy to deal with such a situation?
    • Explain your role with payroll administration. Discuss the nature of problems generally occurred during the payroll record submission?
    • What do you understand from employer’s social security, compensation payments and payroll liabilities? Discuss the relationship between these three entities.
    • Tell us the formula for calculating provincial income and social security taxes.
    • According to you, what skills should a payroll clerk have to thrive under the pressure?
    • Do you think you can complete the assigned work within the deadlines?
    • Why should we hire you as we have more experienced job seekers than you?

    Management Accounting Interview Questions

    Management accounting interview questions are framed with quality questionsasked to an individual, who is willing to work in the management accountingdepartment. By evaluating the professional traits, management accountancyskills and ability to deal with the diverse procedures, a deserving candidateis hired by the HR department.

    Sample Management Accounting Interview Questions:

    • Tell us about your job experience with the previous organization.
    • What do you understand from management accountancy? Explain the various functions of management accountancy.
    • Define control account. Explain the procedure of creating a control account.
    • Explain the terms: Provision, Accrual and Reserve. Give an example for each.
    • Differentiate between a check and cash payment. Explain the official procedure of cancelling a cheque.
    • State AP & AR. Explain the contemporary applications of AP.
    • Define a shadow balance sheet. Tell us about its usage and advantages.
    • Explain the steps of generating a final account. What factors should be considered during the preparation of such an account?
    • Give any three major differences between management accountancy and cost accountancy.
    • What do you understand from the term” cash flow”? Explain the procedure to put non- current lease payment on a cash flow statement.
    • How do you explain accounts receivable and accounts payable? What are the different strategies available to control both types of accounts?
    • Tell us the procedure of a liability side of the balance sheet.
    • How does a communicational bridge play a vital role in managing and recording the accounting statements?
    • Do you think that you can deliver the assigned work load within the deadline?