Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sales Consultant Interview Questions

Sales consultant interview questions are used by the concerned department to interview the deserving candidates, who are willing to work as a sales consultant in a particular organization. After evaluating the overall work experience, professional attitude and educational skills & knowledge, an eligible candidate can be appointed in this job position.

Sample Sales Consultant Interview Questions:

  • Walk us through your resume. Why are you interested in this job position?
  • Mention any five essential job duties of a sales consultant. Discuss your achievements as a sales consultant.
  • Tell us about your sales skills and communicational abilities. How do you rate your team coordination attitude?
  • Have you ever worked as an in charge of sales products and services?
  • How do you demonstrate and explain the various products and services to a potential client?
  • Discuss your technique of analyzing the sales statistics and records for planning a new innovative sales plot.
  • How do you regularly monitor the performance of sales agents and representatives?
  • Do you think creative sales techniques are required to gain huge profits by selling a particular product?
  • Tell us a time when you were alone to handle a corporate client for selling product and to build a long term clientele relationship. How did you manage such a condition?
  • How do you meet the targets within a tight deadline? Do you think you can work under excessive work pressure?
  • Discuss your method of uploading and updating the sales and client record shelves.
  • If we appoint you as a sales consultant, when are you available to join us?

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