Thursday, July 19, 2012

Property Consultant Interview Questions

Property consultant interview questions are uniquely drafted questions asked to the individual, who is seeking to acquire the job position of a property consultant. Through these interview questions, the employer can judge the professional attitude, total work experience and educational qualifications to appoint a deserving candidate.

Sample Property consultant interview questions:

  • Tell us about your overall job experience. Why are you willing to work with us?
  • How do you rate your communication skills in terms of speaking and writing?
  • Mention any three job responsibilities of a property consultant.
  • What do you understand from old and new property assets? Are you aware about the latest government policies for commencing a real estate deal?
  • As a property consultant, how many property deals have you completed successfully in your previous organization?
  • How many steps of legal documentation are there to register a particular property in terms of house, plot and land?
  • How do you ensure that a particular property deal complies with insurance regularities and regulatory guidelines?
  • Do you have experience of handling corporate real estate clients?
  • How do you evaluate the property genuine status? What is the one major difference between industrial real estate deal and a manual property lead?
  • Tell us about your experience of handling a discontented client, who was unhappy due to the high rate of sold property.
  • How do you judge the requirement of the interested client to buy some property?
  • What strategy do you follow to keep an eye on the functioning of a property agent and real estate partners?
  • Why should we hire you?

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