Monday, July 23, 2012

Data Warehousing Interview Questions

Data warehousing is a complex structure of tasks divided in three main stages. It stands on staging, amalgamation and access that come together for absolute processing of data. It is required to gain knowledge about the different ongoing events. Huge collections of data are used for this purpose that needs to be assimilated for the concerned departments. Such computational processing attracts aspiring manpower besides the use of computers and data storage systems. The data warehousing interview questions, as a result, challenge both the mental and physical capacity of the applicants.

The questions are framed in accordance with the post of the job as different posts yield employees of different mettle. A white-collar post would need the applicant to be highly confident than a blue-collar post. The questions are like tools to scan the level of know-how and confidence in the plaintiffs.

The data warehousing interview questions put the candidate’s expanse of knowledge into test in the following ways:
  • It tests if the candidate is well aware of all the terms and definitions.
  • It ensures if the candidate is knowledgeable about the working of the operational systems.
  • It checks if the candidate has enough understanding of the differences between the different schemas used in the systems.

Ab Initio Interview Questions

An Ab Initio candidate must have a thorough knowledge of information processing systems as well as the technical skill to handle enormous volumes of data. Ab Initio interview questions must not only focus on a candidate’s basic technical acumen but must also test his or her skills as a professional with a broad vision and the ability to face challenges.

BO Designer Interview Questions

A candidate being interviewed for his or her BO design handling skills must not only have a sound base in this software but must also be aware of other technical nitty-gritty. BO designer interview questions must emphasize on the candidate’s skills in this area as well his or her vision and ability to complete challenging tasks.

Cognos Interview Questions

A Cognos applicant should be skilled in business intelligence and performance management. He or she should have the requisite skill set as well as the aptitude to face any challenges the interview might throw at him. Cognos interview questions must test the thorough knowledge of Cognos products and his or her idea about the company’s development.

ColdFusion Interview Questions

A prospective ColdFusion candidate must have a sound technical base as well as a fair idea about the company’s work with internet applications. Thus, ColdFusion interview questions must focus on the candidate’s technical knowledge as well as the enthusiasm for work and the ability to meet the challenges that lie in the way.

Data Mart Interview Questions

Data mart interview questions are so constructed that it efficiently judge the database managing ability of the person concerned, his control and sound knowledge on database management in small or large scale.

Data Stage Interview Questions

A data stage interview primarily focus on testing the extraction of data from legacy databases, flat files and relational databases and its transformation to data ware houses and data marts. A data stage interview questions must check the sound knowledge of the person in data base management and data filation keeping in mind the following aspects.

ETL Interview Questions

An Extraction Transform Load or ETL interview questions should mainly focus on the person’s knowledge in database management system and his expertise in reading data from a database. ETL demands nothing but the fluency of a person in migration of data from one database to anther.

Informatica Interview Questions

An Informatica interviewee must not only have a firm foundation in data integration but also must be sufficiently knowledgeable about other programming technicalities that are an integral aspect of his or her job. Informatica interview questions must focus on the candidate’s requisite skill set as well as demand a sound technical base. Interview Questions interview questions are designed with a sole intention to find a suitable programmer who can handle and code programs in the software. These questions are mainly set by those software organizations who work on the domain.

Operational Data Store Interview Questions

Operational data store interview questions are framed in a way so that the true ability of a candidate could be explored. Such candidates should have the responsibility of handling operational database of the entire system of an organization.