Thursday, July 19, 2012

Customer Service Assistant Interview Questions

A Customer Service interview questions is a list of questions that can be helpful to an interviewer while interviewing candidates for the post of a Customer Service Assistant. A Customer Service Assistant needs to take orders from his supervisor, and execute them. Ability to remain cool during stressful situations, delivering good customer service, and complying with all policies of the company are some of the responsibilities of a Customer Service Assistant.

Sample Customer Service Assistant Interview Questions

  1. How will you handle a situation when a customer is not willing to listen to you?
  2. Name some of our top competitors?
  3. How do you rate our company in Customer service vis-à-vis our competitors?
  4. Which aspects of Customer Service does our company need to improve upon?
  5. What are the principles that you guide your responsibilities as a Customer Service Assistant?
  6. Can a company survive without a Customer service department in today’s business environment?
  7. How do you handle situations when your effort does not get recognized by your supervisors?
  8. How will you ensure remaining cool during pressure situations?
  9. Can you explain your response if a customer asks you for confidential information which is important to the customer but violates the company’s policies?
  10. With your previous experience, mention some of the aspects of customer service that you would want to change?
  11. What would you do if your supervisor does not delegate responsibilities properly and takes away all the credit for the good work done by the team mates?
  12. Have you ever gone beyond what is expected from a customer service department for the benefit of a customer?
  13. What are you preferable shifts of work?
  14. What aspects do you like about our company?

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