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Citizenship Interview Questions

Citizenship interview questions will not make you nervous if you prepare well for them.  Whether it is the US citizenship interview or the Canadian or the UK citizenship interview, generally the stress is on testing your communication skills in English language as well as your knowledge of history and civics of the concerned country.

While preparing for these questions, it is important to learn the facts concerning the country’s history, civics as well as Constitution.  You are not required to be an expert on these subjects but you must have enough knowledge to understand the working of the country’s government.
A working knowledge of English is expected as that is the official language.  So, be prepared to be tested in reading, writing and speaking of the English language.

It is also good to prepare questions related to your background, your education, employment, place and length of stay in the country, your views and feelings about the Constitution of the country and its government.  It will help to prepare mock questions and answers in areas concerning these aspects.
It is imperative to give honest and truthful answers as any lie which is detected even later can deprive you of a chance at citizenship.

Senior Citizen’s Interview Questions

  1. You have come at an age after witnessing many phases of your life. Which phase do you think was the best?
  2. Please tell something more about this phase.
  3. According to you, what are the things which a senior citizen should bear in mind?
  4. As a senior citizen do you think the citizens of this country show ample evidence of respect towards you?

US Citizenship Interview Questions

  1. What is your highest qualification?
  2. Give us 3 reasons why should we accord a US citizenship to you?
  3. Since when have you been staying in this country?
  4. Have you ever been awarded a judicial verdict involving offences of moral turpitude?
  5. Can you briefly tell us the difference between a naturalized and non-naturalized US citizenship?

Passport Interview Questions

  1. Why do you want to make the passport?
  2. How do you plan to meet the costs of making a passport?
  3. Tell us 5 instances when a valid passport can be of great use as an identity proof?
  4. According to you, what is the normal procedure being adopted in granting a passport?
  5. Suppose you are traveling to a destination abroad. What will you do incase your passport gets lost?

Immigration Citizenship Interview Questions

Immigration citizenship interview is conducted when one is trying to move from one country to another in that case the questions asked during an immigration citizenship interview are different for each case. As any immigration citizenship interview case is exclusive in its own way and the questions are asked for that reason. Here is the list of questions that might be useful for preparing for an interview.

Canadian Citizenship Interview Questions

You must pass the Canadian Citizenship test to get your citizenship for Canada. One can always focus on general knowledge of Canada and spend less time on provincial or municipal knowledge. As the exam paper is generally planned for the country-wide purpose sufficient sources are not found by CIC to localize the test. One need not memorize officers’ names other than the PM and the Governor General of Canada. This interview could be either with spouse or without spouse category, skilled or student categories are also available.
Some of the questions frequently asked in Canadian citizenship interview are given here.

Australian Citizenship Interview Questions

To get the Australian citizenship one needs to clear the citizenship interview conducted at the department bureau for citizenship and immigration services and one needs to go with passports and visa, birth certificate and evidence of permanent residency in Australia. For these types of interview, one also needs to carry a passport size photograph which had been signed by an authorized person who has known you for at least a year. The questions asked during the interview are as follows:

Singapore Citizenship Interview Questions

The Singapore Citizenship interview questions are those questions which are asked to an individual when he applies for the citizenship for the Singapore. These types of questions will include personal, professional as well as other details of the individual who seek to have the citizenship. To get the citizenship of Singapore one has to be at least 21 years of age and should have been a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) for at least 2 to 6 years prior to the date of application.

British Citizenship Interview Questions

In order to stay in Britain and to get the permanent citizenship it is necessary that one passes “Life in the United Kingdom Test (settlement or ILR, Indefinite Leave to remain). It is an exam set by selected testing centers which focus on British society and culture, and the history of the United Kingdom. Thus prior to attending the citizenship interview one has to do lot of practice. Firstly one needs to complete the application process along with submitting the documents like a legal residency card, state identification card, such as a driver’s license, all expired or current passports, and proof of marital status.

Marriage Citizenship Interview Questions

Marriage citizenship interview is conducted for people who are married and wish to get the citizenship of any country as a couple. In that case they need to present all the documents and certificates supporting their marital status. They need to attend the interview as a couple and prove to the officials that they are married. The common questions asked during the marriage citizenship interview are:

Travel after Citizenship Interview Questions

It is quite a complicated situation if one desire to travel immediately after getting their citizenship from a country. Every country has a different law pertaining to this condition. But in general it is not advisable to travel immediately after applying for a citizenship and especially if it is for US. As if any suspicious condition arises then the citizenship might get cancelled. Thus it is better to plan a trip only after one has completed his citizenship process and got the passport of that particular country. Even then if due to any reason one has to travel then there could be following Travel after Citizenship Interview Questions which one might assume to face:

Qatar Citizenship Interview Questions

Qatar is a gulf country developing rapidly each day. It is a country quite popular for its petroleum industry. There are several people who go to Qatar from various different countries. In order to get the citizenship of Qatar one must pass certain conditions and test and the individual based here for 25 years with gaps not exceeding six months is eligible to apply for Qatar citizenship.  Qatar does not allow dual citizenship that is you cannot become a citizen of any other country if you wish to become a citizen of Qatar. If you wish to apply for the citizenship of Qatar you might have to face following questions which are mentioned here:

European Citizenship Interview Questions

To get the European citizenship one needs to clear the test called “Life in the UK”. One needs to submit all his documents along with other documents to attain the citizenship. One must have a clear understanding about the social and political status of the country. To get the citizenship one should have the knowledge of the language used in that country. The general awareness and historical knowledge about the country is must to get the citizenship. Usual questions asked during the interview are as follows:

England Citizenship Interview Questions

England is a beautiful country located in United Kingdom. If one as the desire of getting the citizenship of this country England then he needs to appear for the test called “Life in the UK”. There is a strong need to know the basic things about the country’s social and political background. The person looking for this kind of citizenship must submit all the documents along with his identity proof and residential proof of that country. The ability to have sufficient information general knowledge related questions about that country must be sharpened before going for the interview. The basic questions asked during the interview are as under:

Estonian Citizenship Interview Questions

Estonia is a country which is a part of Soviet Union and has gained independence in 1992. There is a new citizenship law which is applicable in Estonia after the constitution formulation. As per this law the initial legal registry of Estonian Citizenship is done by Citizens’ committees. A procedure needs to be followed by the citizen committees who naturalized the candidate based upon his application for citizenship. This is a very simple procedure. One needs to appear for an interview which contains the questions about the history and constitution of Estonia. One might expect following questions in the interview:

Roman Citizenship Interview Questions

To become a citizen of Rome one has to attend the citizenship interview forum and answer the questions asked their regarding the history of Rome and some personal questions from the candidate. One has to present all his documents to become a citizen of Rome a city and capital of Italy which comes in European Empire. This citizenship can be applied either as a civil citizenship or a military citizenship. To gain the Roman citizenship one will have to adhere by the Roman law set down by the Senate and People of Rome. One also needs to get a Roman cloth and he will have to take the military oath to become Roman citizen. Few common questions asked in the interview are:

Russian Citizenship Interview Questions

Russia is the largest country in the world and the ninth most populous nation in the world. The first citizenship act was passed in Russia in 1991 which was later replaced by a new act in 2002 by President Putin. This act stated that one can acquire citizenship by birth, by naturalization, by restoration of citizenship, by following parents’ citizenship. To get the Russian citizenship one will have to present all his legal documents along with residential and identity proof. He will also have to undergo an interview which will test his knowledge and interests about Russia as a country. One can expect following questions in that interview:

Thailand Citizenship Interview Questions

Thailand is a beautiful country and one amongst the most favorite destination of the tourists in the world. To become a Thai citizen one must have been stayed in Thailand for 3 continuous years before applying for the citizenship. The expedient must be able to speak and understand basic Thai. Anyone wanting to become a Thai citizen must have a Thai life partner as well and he or she should be paying the tax in Thailand for last 3 years. The applicant must not have any criminal background and he should follow the Thai law. He should have good moral behavior and basic awareness about Thailand and its culture. One can expect following questions in the interview.

UK Citizenship Interview Questions

UK is located northern-west coast of continental Europe. “Life in the United Kingdom Test (settlement or ILR, Indefinite Leave to remain) is a test which one needs to clear in order to get the permanent citizenship in United Kingdom. This test is set by selected testing centers which focus on British society and culture, and the history of the United Kingdom and it runs for almost 45 minutes. The application process needs to be completed by the applicant in order to get the citizenship. One also needs to practice before appearing for this test. Lot of online test material is available which can be referred by the applicant to get the success in the test. The applicant also has to submit all the legal documents to clear the citizenship test. Few questions which are frequently asked are as under:

Indian Citizenship Interview Questions

Indian citizenship interview is conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MAH), Govt. of India. One needs to go with passport, visa, birth certificates and other necessary documents. Overseas citizenship of India can be considered as Dual citizenship of India to some extent. This privilege is given to those people who at any point of time were citizen of India. One has to fulfil eligibility and produce all the documents needed by MAH before appearing for an interview.

Pakistani Citizenship Interview Questions

Pakistan is an Islamic country. In order to get citizenship of Pakistan one must pass certain conditions and tests. Dual citizenship was not permitted under the law earlier but now government of Pakistan recognises and allows its citizens to also hold the citizenships of 16 other countries. One has to prepare required documents and collect relevant information before appearing for an interview.

Dual Citizenship Interview Questions

Dual citizenship is the term indicating the fact that a person is a legal citizen of two countries at a time. It could be due to various reasons like birth, marriage and job etc which might force a candidate to take the citizenship of two counties. USA, Canada and UK are a very good example of dual citizenship. In Dual citizenship one will have to show the documents and legal proof at both the countries along with the application form. In a Dual citizenship one is not asked to leave the citizenship of any country. One can expect following questions in the interview:

Certification Interview Questions

Certification Interview Questions