Thursday, July 19, 2012

Marketing Consultant Interview Questions

Marketing consultant interview questions are asked to the deserving candidates, who are willing to work as a market consultant. The HR department can easily shortlist the suitable candidates after assessing their professional experience, reviewing educational level and judging the knowledge & skills.

Sample marketing consultant interview questions:

  • Mention the strengths of your resume. How do you see the weakness of your candidature?
  • Why did you leave your previous job? Why are you willing to work with us?
  • What are the essential job responsibilities of a marketing consultant?
  • Explain the procedure of developing and implementing the portfolio of marketing tools & services.
  • Do you think writing PRs, publishing articles and promotional activities are essential for marketing a particular product?
  • How do you develop and execute a marketing plan?
  • What procedure do you follow for managing marketing process and procedures for completing the marketing practices?
  • Do you know how to maintain the library of marketing literature? How does such recorded marketing material help to initiate innovative marketing & promotional plans?
  • Distinguish between group marketing and corporate marketing? How do you handle the potential clients seeking vital promotional marketing plans?
  • Discuss the importance of vendor relationship in a marketing procedure.
  • What do you understand from joint venture marketing strategies?
  • How do you engage the global channel partners in marketing activities?
  • What technique do you follow to record and update the record shelves with marketing plans?
  • How do you identify the pre- marketing factors before drafting a marketing plan?
  • Why should we consider you over the other candidates for this job position?

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