Thursday, July 19, 2012

Franchise Consultant Interview Questions

Franchise consultant interview questions are set of questions prepared for an individual who wish to work as a franchise consultant in an organization. These questions help to know the educational skills, work experience and knowledge of the interested candidate.

Sample Franchise consultant interview questions:

  • Tell us something about your resume. How do you rate your overall professional experience in the franchise industry?
  • From which source have you heard from our company and franchise business opening? Why are you interested in working with us?
  • As a franchise, how much business do you own? Please mention the criteria as well.
  • Do you have overall knowledge of the official and legitimate documentation of executing an application for a franchise?
  • Are you confident about our franchise business? Do you agree with the term & conditions along with working regulations?
  • Why marketing material is so important for a franchise and a franchisee to run the business successfully?
  • What strategy do you follow to compete the competitors?
  • Do you meet up the average start-up cost of our franchise offer? Differentiate between royalty and marketing fees.
  • Discuss the various risks associated with franchise business.
  • What is the exact procedure of solving franchise conflicts? Why training is a requirement for running a franchise successfully?
  • Discuss the various terms and conditions of a franchise contract.
  • Give the definition of franchise disclosure document. Do you think a franchise helps to do brand building in the local market?
  • Why should we consider you when we have other experienced candidates.

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