Friday, July 13, 2012

Pakistani Citizenship Interview Questions

Pakistan is an Islamic country. In order to get citizenship of Pakistan one must pass certain conditions and tests. Dual citizenship was not permitted under the law earlier but now government of Pakistan recognises and allows its citizens to also hold the citizenships of 16 other countries. One has to prepare required documents and collect relevant information before appearing for an interview.

Sample Pakistani Citizenship Interview Questions

  • What is your name and tell us about your family?
  • What is your educational qualification?
  • Do you follow Islam?
  • What is your permanent address and where are you residing nowadays?
  • Are you married?
  • How many children do you have?
  • Are your children born in Pakistan?
  • What is the name and the nationality of your spouse?
  • Do you have other relatives who live in Pakistan?
  • Is anybody of your family a Pakistani by birth?
  • Where your spouse was living before marriage and what is his/her qualification?
  • What is our national anthem?
  • What is the colour and symbol of our flag?
  • Do you know specific information like how we elect a candidate for assembly?
  • What are your responsibilities and privileges as a Pakistani citizen?
  • Which political party is ruling in Islamabad?
  • Who is the father of nation?
  • Are you fluent in Arabic language?
  • Do you have any criminal background?
  • Who is the president of Pakistan?
  • In your point of view what are the main problems of this country?
  • Give your Email ID for future correspondence.

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