Monday, July 16, 2012

Systems Programmer Interview Questions

A systems programmer should have the ability to evaluate the clear systematic programming through categorical thinking. They keep a check of the system server and networks which performs all the jobs of an organization. A system programmer interview questions should always focus on this various quality of a candidate.

Sample Systems Programmer Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about your academic qualification till date.
  2. What has been the one turning point in your life which made you feel that it is in systems and programming that you should focus on?
  3. Furnish us with some details of your previous work experience.
  4. What knowledge of system programming do you have which will give you an edge over the others in the field?
  5. System programming is not an easy thing as the total programming of a system viable and executed by the organisation has to be checked and maintained and brushed up regularly, will you be able to cope up with such a massive responsibility?
  6. How will you handle the system failure technically with minimum use of resource and giving maximum efficiency?
  7. What is your view on the pay packet that would be offered to you?
  8. What makes system programming an integral part of the information technology and software world?
  9. How will you handle the work overload and deal with it?
  10. What makes your curriculum vitae different and appealing out of the several other applicants?
  11. Did you choose this field out of sheer interest in it or as a measure to be professionally successful?

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