Monday, July 23, 2012

ETL Interview Questions

An Extraction Transform Load or ETL interview questions should mainly focus on the person’s knowledge in database management system and his expertise in reading data from a database. ETL demands nothing but the fluency of a person in migration of data from one database to anther.

Sample ETL Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about you that are not there in your resume.
  2. What idea do you have about converting extracted data? Mention few initial steps of data extraction
  3. What concept of transformation rules or lookup tables do you have which are very technical basics of Extraction Transfer Load (ETL)?
  4. What are target databases and combined data storage?
  5. How is ETL useful in forming data marts and data ware houses?
  6. Shed some light on your previous work experience.
  7. Why did you suddenly took the decision of a job change because stability is a big issue now days?
  8. What is the importance of ETL in software industry?
  9. What will be your instant call in case of sudden database crash?
  10. What is target database and how is it useful in Extraction Transform Load (ETL)?
  11. What are the basics of converting the format of one database from another?
  12. How can we minimize the time required for data reading of a data base before transform and load?
  13. What is your expectation regarding your pay packet because you must be having some pre conceived notion?
  14. How much is data structure important for Extraction Transform Load (ETL)?

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