Sunday, November 20, 2011

How To Keep Yourself Calm During Interviews

The first reaction to an interview call is usually that of excitement andhappiness which soon gives way to anxiety and nervousness. Both of thesephenomenons can be dangerous for your health and can lead to a failedinterview. So how to keep yourself calm during interviews is the main question.The answer to which you shall find in the following lines:

Stress is a common thing to happen as there are many question in one’s mindmixed with a feeling of apprehension about the interview’s result. There arecertain signs which help to estimate whether a person is feeling tensed andnervous. These are sweating profusely, shaking hands, failure to rememberthings and extreme anxiety. These features can be transformed into calmbehaviour with just a few tips. The first and foremost thing is that one shouldget enough sleep before the morning of the interview. Sleeplessness can resultin bringing restlessness and negativity.

The other more important aspect is to reach the interview venue atleast 30mins in advance to avoid panic and fear of missing the interview. It isimportant to have in mind the exact location of venue so as to avoid anyconfusion on the day of the interview. The main calming factor to reduceanxiety is to shift your focus to all the positive things in your life. Thiswill help you to divert any negative thoughts and appear for the interview in acheerful and confident manner. It is important to give yourself the credit ofgetting the interview call.

Nervousness may also be a result of the fact that one is under prepared forthe interview. This fact can be eliminated by getting all your documents readyand arranged in the correct manner in a file or folder. Leave no scope for theinterviewer to doubt your preparation levels. The last thing is to dress nicelyso as to give yourself a confident outlook which too results in calming oneselfdown.

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