Friday, July 27, 2012

Creative Designer Interview Questions

Creative designer interview questions are asked to interview the eligible applicants, who are willing to work as a creative designer. By assessing the overall work experience, evaluating the professional skills and reviewing the educational background of all applicants, a deserving contender is appointed on this job position.

Sample Creative Designer Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about your professional expertise as a creative designer.
  • Why did you resign from your last job? Please give the reason.
  • What are the primary job duties & responsibilities of a creative designer?
  • Tell us about your quality, which makes you an exceptional creative designer.
  • How do you supervise your creative designing team? How do you motivate them to perform better?
  • As a creative designer, what is your area of expertise?
  • What kind of projects and products have you handled as a creative designer?
  • Tell us any three newly introduced creative designing software.
  • Do you think you need some training to join us as a creative designer?
  • Have you ever met with a condition, where some prospective client did not like the designs designed by you and he refused to work with your company in the near future?
  • Do you have knowledge of graphic and programming software to work as a creative designer?
  • How would you mange the excessive work pressure during tight working deadlines?
  • Name the monthly reports and databases prepared and updated by you.
  • Why should we hire you as a creative designer in our organization while we are interviewing more experienced contenders than you?

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