Sunday, August 12, 2012

Development Design Engineer Interview Question

Development design engineer interview questions are for those people who are sitting in an interview for this job post. The development design engineer’s main task is to develop or design new products for the company or make improvement in present product portfolio. These new designs and modifications should match with the requirements of customers, marketing team and with the financial aspects of company as well. Therefore, the interview questions of development design engineer will concentrate on an overall judgment of candidate’s skills.

Sample Development Design Engineer Interview Question

  1. First, tell us about your academic qualification for this job and your experience as a development design engineer?
  2. The job of development design engineer provides you many opportunities to work with different industries. So, in how many different fields you have worked or do you prefer a specific field?
  3. How much the work of a development design engineer depends on fundamental engineering principles? Alternatively, are there any specific requirements of this job?
  4. Define the task areas of a development design engineer in a telecom company and in a healthcare company?
  5. Can you name few of your past projects that positively affected the performance of company?
  6. While designing a new product what are the key factors that you always keep in your mind, please explain it with reference of our company’s products?
  7. Can you tell us some of the recent designs of hardware products that attracted you most?
  8. While working for a hardware company what kind of structural and mechanical aspects of a products are most important?

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