Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sustainability Consultant Interview Questions

A Sustainability Consultant interview questions highlight some of the areas that can be focused upon while interviewing a candidate for the post of a Sustainability Consultant. Since this is a budding career option, the dedication of the candidate in sticking to this career and his or her knowledge and experience in this field are crucial in determining whether the candidate is the right fit for the job at hand.

Sample Sustainability Consultant Interview Questions

  1. Provide us brief background knowledge about yourself?
  2. Since how long have you been associated with your previous employer?
  3. What kind of sustainability projects did they undertake? Were they successful in doing so?
  4. How difficult was it to get into an emerging career as a Sustainability Consultant?
  5. Do you think “Sustainability” is reduced to just being a concept? Can it be practiced by all of us?
  6. Did you read reports on Sustainability? Can you name or provide details of a few of them?
  7. Name some consulting companies that have been promoting the concept of sustainability as an integral part of business.
  8. What are some of the areas where sustainability can be implemented?
  9. Have you worked on any sustainability assignment? What was your learning out of it?
  10. What are your views on new start ups that are promoting sustainable products? Will they be successful in doing so?
  11. Can profit be the only indicator of the success of a firm? What can be the new additions to this list?
  12. Name some of the most successful sustainability practices.
  13. Why did you want to get into this field?
  14. What are your shortcomings? How do you work on them?

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