Sunday, August 12, 2012

Boiler Engineer Interview Questions

Boiler engineer interview questions are for those people who are going to appear in an interview for the post of a boiler engineer. The boiler engineer works in maintenance field of factories, warehouses or some big commercial buildings. They have to maintain the high-pressure gas, oil and solid industrial fuels as per the safety norms. This job requires a person who can handle extreme pressure and stressful conditions. The interview questions also concentrate on such aspects and skills sets to judge the ability of candidate for this job.

Sample Boiler Engineer Interview Questions

  1. First, tell us about your qualifications regarding boiler engineer job and your experience in this field?
  2. How you will calculate the frictional pressure drops in carbon steel pipes?
  3. What precautions one should take before combusting ammonia?
  4. How many types of boilers are available or being used in various kind of industry? Moreover, with how many different boiler plants you have worked before?
  5. Describe the different usage of boiler in a chemical factory and in a thermal power plant?
  6. What are the different usage of air source heat pump and ground source heat pump?
  7. Tell us some different levels of pipe velocity for wet and dry gases? How they affect the boiler system?
  8. When you are evaluating cooling tower bids, than what different factors need to be compared with each other to reach to a rational point?
  9. What are those general rules and precautions do you follow while flushing slurry line or are there are no such rules?
  10. How much salary do you expect from this job profile?

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