Sunday, August 12, 2012

Agricultural Engineer Interview Questions

Agricultural engineer interview questions are for those people who are going to sit in an interview for the same job profile. An agricultural engineer’s job is to study all aspects of agriculture such as water and soil conservation, tillage, use of fertilizers, land productivity etc and than prepare effective plans and strategies to improve the quality of crops and production as well. Therefore, the interview questions s focus to analyze the skills and understanding of candidate in agriculture.

Sample Agricultural Engineer Interview Questions

  1. First, tell us about your qualifications and academics in agricultural, do you have any practical work experience in this field?
  2. What are the major problems of soil that cause less productivity?
  3. In a small farm, what methods should be used to get maximum production?
  4. What are the main sources of water pollution in rural areas and how are they affecting the quality of crops and fertility of soil?
  5. Do you think cross breeding of crops is helpful to increase production or in long term it reduce the quality of soil and finally results in decreasing productivity, land degradation etc? Give some case study about it.
  6. Until date, with what type of crops and soils, you have worked and what has been your observation about their productivity, diseases, pest and insects etc.?
  7. What is soil engineering?
  8. As the population is increasing and land is decreasing and global warming is showing its worse effects, in such a scenario what do you think, what are the major challenges for agricultural engineers?
  9. What salary do you expect?

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