Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aeronautical Engineer Interview Question

Aeronautical engineer interview questions are those questions that will be asked to a person who is appearing in an interview for this post. An aeronautical engineer develops and designs various types of aircrafts and space vehicles, missiles and related machines, components. They are responsible to make drawings and prototypes of aircrafts and equipments. Therefore, interview questions would be centered on the knowledge and experience of the prospective candidate in this field.

Sample Aeronautical Engineer Interview Question

  1. First, tell us something about your previous experience in aeronautical engineering field?
  2. What kind of regular problems an aeronautical engineer has to face while the maintenance work of aircrafts? How we can minimize such problems?
  3. What are the major areas of aviation field?
  4. What is the difference between aerodynamic balance and mass balance?
  5. What is aerodynamics and how it is different from aeronautical engineering?
  6. What kind of challenges the aeronautical industry is facing these days?
  7. How many type of emergency landing system are available for aircrafts? What is hard landing and differentiate it from emergency landing?
  8. What is stress analysis technique and what is the usage of this technique?
  9. What are the major responsibilities of an aeronautical engineer while working on a missile project?
    1. The red and blue colors of hydraulic system, stand for what?
  10. How many types of aeronautical projects you have handled, developed or designed? Moreover, what have been your observation regarding fueling and refueling technology while working on those projects?
  11. Why did you choose aeronautical engineering, why not any other branch of engineering?

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