Sunday, August 12, 2012

Employment Interview Questions

Employment interview questions are designed to test your overall suitability for a career.  They test various facets of your personal and professional aspects and see if you fit the desired career profile.  These questions can be quite wide-ranging and the interview sessions may be taken up in stages, to short-list candidates at every stage.

Employment interview questions can start with gauging your level of motivation and your passion for a particular career.  On the professional front, questions are designed to test your skills and competence.  Any employer would look for professionalism and diligence from an employee, so you can expect to face questions which test these.

Your creativity and capability to come up with out-of-the-box solutions and problem solving skills may be key requirements in certain career profiles.  These are tested by presenting you with hypothetical situations.

Interpersonal skills are gauged by testing your personal and cultural compatibility as these can be very important in creating a healthy and comfortable working environment.  Employers will also look at your long-term goals and career aspirations and see if they match those that of the organization.
Answering employment interview questions well can give you a chance at a great career, so make sure to do so in a simple, precise and honest manner.

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