Sunday, August 12, 2012

Engineer Interview Questions

Engineer interview questions include both general types of questions as well as subject specific questions.  It is important to prepare for both competency based questions as well as behavioral questions, as most organizations use both kinds to test prospective employers.  With competition tough in this sector, practice and preparation can be the key to success.

General type and behavioral questions generally remain the same for any type of engineering job interview.  But depending on the specialization, you may have job-specific and filed-specific questions to test your professional competency and technical knowledge.

Competency based questions require excellent technical skills, problem solving ability, analytical and logical thinking etc.  If the job profile includes leading a team, then expect to face questions related to team leadership, motivational factors, management skills etc.   It is good to quote relevant and specific instances from your past experiences to substantiate your answers.

The questions also vary with the position, level of seniority and the job profile.  So, it is important to take all this into account while preparing for engineer interview questions.  Preparation must also include a detailed study of the organization and the competitors, as market and commercial awareness is equally important to do well in these interview questions.

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