Sunday, August 12, 2012

Employer Interview Questions

Employer interview questions are very important in selecting the right candidates for the organization.  More often than not, employers too need to prepare the right set of questions so that they can select the best candidates for the job.  This is vital, as the qualifications on paper cannot be the only criteria for selecting the right candidates.

While preparing employer interview questions, first take into consideration the company or the organization’s profile.  It is important for prospective employees to fit into the company.  Also, it is important to take the job profile into account while designing these questions.

Frame questions in a manner that will get the candidates talking.  It is good to encourage them to elaborate on their responses or ask follow-up questions to the main ones.  This can prove invaluable in judging a candidate’s attitude and understanding their thought processes.

Questions must include behavioral, interpersonal, attitudinal, professional and personal aspects.  It is best to group the questions into different sections, where each section focuses on one aspect of the candidate.  The seriousness of your purpose to find the right candidate can also act in your favor, as most candidates look forward to filling in challenging roles.

Keep the questions straight-forward; that way, you can expect to get honest and straight replies.  The questions must be designed to get to know the candidates better, not to prove your upper-handedness.  If these factors are taken into consideration, then employer interview questions will definitely serve their purpose.

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