Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aeronautical Engineer Interview Questions

Aeronautical engineer interview questions are framed as a set of questions to interview the interested candidates. With this set of questions, a company can easily assess the education level, professional skills and overall work experience of candidates to hire the deserving candidate as an aeronautical engineer.

Sample Aeronautical Engineer Interview Questions

  • Tell us something about your expertise in Aeronautical field. Why do you want to join our organization?
  • As an aeronautical engineer, what duties and responsibilities have you fulfilled in your last organization?
  • How do you rate you designing and troubleshooting skills? How many aeronautical projects have you handled in your previous job?
  • Explain Stress Analysis. Where this technique is used and what are the benefits of it?
  • Do you think using carbon dioxide as a fuel source is a wise idea? Can you put engines at the end of wings?
  • Define RAM jet and FUEL valve.
  • If you applied immense stress at the fuel valve, how do you measure the opening and closing valve stress?
  • What do you understand by GAG cycle? Explain the principle of Aircraft working?
  • Explain IDT, mass balancing, VFD and impulse line.
  • Mention any two functions of VFD.
  • Differentiate between aerodynamic balancing and mass balancing.
  • Explain permanent share buckling. How does it different from column buckling?
  • Discuss the slope angle of the APPORACH LIGHT. Explain the formula to calculate it.
  • Explain the loop in the impulse line.
  • Tell us something about your planning and designing skills. Do you like to take a reference from the previous designs to develop a new one?
  • If we select you, when can you join us?

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