Sunday, August 12, 2012

Homes Design Engineer Interview Questions

Homes design engineer interview questions are for those people who have to sit in an interview for this job. A homes design engineer is the person who makes design for a complete house, interior and exterior both. He has to design the house as per the requirements of durability, cost and security as well. He makes blueprints or drawings of all sections of a house. Obviously, the interview questions would be focused on candidate’s ability as home design engineer.

Sample Homes Design Engineer Interview Questions

  1. First, tell us your qualification and work experience regarding homes design engineering field?
  2. Can you explain how the homes design engineering is different from construction engineering?
  3. What is green house technology? Have you previously used this technology?
  4. What kind of homes designs you will suggest for small area and explain some techniques or methods to utilize maximum space?
  5. What kind of technologies we can use to keep the houses naturally cool?
  6. Is the home design engineering actually a branch of engineering? What engineering principles you need to apply while designing a house?
  7. Define all the aspects of homes designing engineering?
  8. Can you tell us about some of your past projects of house designing where you used various techniques and designs to make a unique structure?
  9. What are the latest technologies in homes designing? What are their benefits?
  10. What we can do to prevent or minimize the effect of weather at exterior wall designs?
  11. What is the concept of a budget home? Explain it briefly?

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