Sunday, August 12, 2012

Genetic Engineer Interview Questions

Genetic engineer interview questions are asked to the candidates, who are seeking to work as a genetic engineer. By measuring the overall experience, professional capabilities and educational skills of all candidates, a finalist contender can be hired for this job position.

Sample Genetic Engineer Interview Questions:

  • Share something about your work experience. Do you think you are eligible for this job position?
  • How confident are you about your selection as a genetic engineer?
  • Discuss the major job functions of a genetic engineer.
  • Explain Alleles, Totipotency and cell transformation.
  • Distinguish between RNA and DNA analysis.
  • How do you rate your analytical and problem solving skills? How do these skills can benefit our association?
  • Explain genetic genealogy and steam cell research techniques.
  • Describe the ethical principles of genetic engineering. What are the defined conducts to implement this science for completing important projects?
  • Discuss the various genetic bases available for different species of plants. How does the environment affect genes?
  • Does genetic cloning help the farmers, or it hurt the farmers?
  • Do genetic crops can produce weeds and these weeds can be used for further crop production?
  • Explain heterozygote detection. What are the benefits and disadvantages of this technique?
  • Distinguish between exons and introns.
  • Give you own opinion regarding human cloning and genetic engineering.
  • Discuss the dangerous traits of genetic food production.
  • Nowadays, why doctors, farmers and engineer show their interest in genetic engineering productions?
  • Do you think a male child is born with the more genetic sequences than a mother or a father?
  • What are the down sides of genetic engineering?

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