Sunday, August 12, 2012

Questions to ask an employer at the end of the interview

After the completion of the interview the employer asks from the employee if he wants to ask any questions. At that time the applicant has to be attentive to ask some thoughtful relevant questions. One might have to prepare few questions about the organization, its work culture or about any specific thing. Prior preparation about the company and the job position is necessary to grab the opportunity to solve any of your queries. One needs to be cautious so that he does not ask any information which he can get from job description, company’s website or from the brochures given by the employer. Given below are few common questions which one can ask at the end of the interview:

Sample Questions to ask an employer at the end of the interview

  • Will I be provided with the sufficient training to complete this job?
  • What would be the tenure of that training and what would be its kind?
  • What is your differentiating feature from your employer?
  • Is that anything you want me to study or do before joining this organization?
  • When can I expect an answer from you regarding the hiring decision?
  • What is the plan of your organization in next 15 years and how do you plan to reach up to that goal?
  • What are the parameters on which I would be evaluated?
  • Is there any other responsibility or duty which is the part of this profile but not mentioned formally in the job description?
  • Can I give you a call after fifteen days to know the result of this interview?

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