Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Call Centre Trainer Interview Questions

Call Centre Trainer is a person who is employed at a call centre to train employees under him or a bunch of fresh recruits. He is responsible for supervising and overlooking the training process. This job requires the trainer to have excellent interpersonal skills and exceptional leadership qualities. Call centre trainer interview questions are a set of those questions which are asked from a person sitting for an interview for the post of a call centre trainer.

Sample call centre trainer interview questions:
  1. Would you like to give us a brief introduction about yourself?
  2. Where have you worked before applying here?
  3. How long have you been in the BPO sector?
  4. Do you think this profession suits your educational qualifications since it seems you are over educated for this kind of a job?
  5. In which department do you think you would like to be placed out of accent training or process training?
  6. Do you think that you would be able to make a good leader?
  7. This job will require you to work to meet deadlines and work in pressure situations. Are you skilled enough for this?
  8. Do you have any specific experience in preparing a training manual?
  9. What is the pay package that you expect from us?
  10. It may be possible that you would be required to train more people than what is proposed initially. Are you comfortable with that?
  11. Is there anything that you would like to mention at the end of this interview?

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