Sunday, August 12, 2012

Civil Engineer Interview Questions

Civil engineer interview questions are a framed set of questions widely used to screen the interested candidates for appointing the best one as a civil engineer. This set of questions is very helpful in grabbing an overview about a candidate’s job experience, professional qualities and education qualifications.

Sample Civil Engineer Interview Questions:

  • Discuss the biggest weaknesses and achievements of your career. What was the reason behind your resignation from the previous organization?
  • What job duties have you performed as a civil engineer in your last job?
  • Discuss the differences between sorption, absorption and adsorption in civil engineering.
  • Describe the various application of modular elasticity. Where these applications are used?
  • According to you, which one is stronger, hallow steel rode or a solid steel pipe? Tell us the units for measuring concrete.
  • Discuss the technique of producing desired alloys. How are these metals used in our routine life?
  • Explain aggregate, concrete cavity and plastic composite. Tell us the meaning of geo- grid material.
  • Discuss the meaning of soil enforcement. How can you achieve this?
  • What are the different types of RCC pipes available? Where can you use these pipes?
  • Compare RCC pipes and steel designed pipes.
  • How do you use inverted beams in the pipes during construction?
  • Discuss foundation capacity and tell us the technique to measure the road difference?
  • How do you participate in building budget for initiating a civil construction project?
  • Explain any two differences between routing maintenance and major maintenance programs.
  • If we hire you, can you give an assured date of joining?

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