Sunday, August 12, 2012

Structural Engineer Interview Questions

Structural engineer interview questions are those once that would be asked to a candidate who is sitting in an interview for this job. The structural engineer works in various construction projects such as houses, commercial buildings, bridges, ships, aircrafts or spacecraft etc. Their job is to ensure the safety, durability and stability of the structure. For this purpose they need to suggest appropriate construction materials and inspect the ongoing construction to verify the above norms. The interview questions focus to analyze the skills and qualifications of candidate for the prospective job.

Sample Structural Engineer Interview Questions

  1. Tell us about tour prior experience in structural engineering field? What type of projects you have handled till date?
  2. Can you tell us some of the major projects or big structures where you worked as main structural engineer?
  3. Suggest some security measures for the integrity of building and to prevent collapsing and other dangers?
  4. What kind of techniques or methods you will use to analyze the pressure, stress and strain resisting quality of construction materials?
  5. How the work of a structural engineer is different from architecture and other construction related engineers?
  6. Define the key tasks of a structural engineer?
  7. What kind of site test and ground test you need to make before making a plan for a structure?
  8. Define the different needs of different type of commercial buildings, e.g. cinema hall, malls, office buildings etc?
  9. What is the main security and integrity requirement of bridge?
  10. How much salary do you expect from this job?

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