Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chemical Engineer Interview Questions

Chemical engineer interview questions are asked to screen the individuals, who are seeking to work as a chemical engineer. By estimating the educational level, professional awareness and work experience, a deserving candidate can be hired for this job.

Sample Chemical Engineer Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about your career achievements as a chemical engineer. Are you satisfied with your overall work experience?
  • As a chemical engineer, what all job duties have you performed in your last job?
  • How can you measure entropy? Discuss the formula for evaluating the efficiency of a pump?
  • What do you understand from sonic velocity? How do you measure this factor in the gas stream?
  • Do you think petroleum is a mixture of hydrocarbons?
  • Explain Thyristor. Discuss its various applications.
  • Do you have any experience in commercial software for protein design?
  • How can FOULING effect the heat transfer rate?
  • Discuss the working of a centrifugal pump. Mention the technique to measure the suction head in centrifugal pump.
  • If you pressurized the gas system, how would you estimate its release rate pressure coefficient?
  • What do you understand by a plate heat exchanger? How can you use such a plate system in an ammonia refrigeration system?
  • How do bulk solids stop the flow from bin?
  • Explain the affinity law associated with dynamic pumps.
  • What do you understand from different types of load systems?
  • How can you use PID in the controllers?
  • Describe the functioning of a catalytic converter in an automobile system.
  • When are you available to join us if we select you in this interview?

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