Sunday, August 12, 2012

Construction Engineer Interview Questions

A construction engineer questions are those question that are asked to person who is appearing in an interview of this post. The construction engineer job is to make design plan of a construction project, manage and execute that plan with all security measures. He has to oversee the whole construction work, appoint and manage the staff, maintain the quality of material being used in construction and to get NOCs from various government departments such as environment and local authorities etc.

Sample Construction Engineer Interview Questions

  1. Tell us about your past work experience as a construction engineer?
  2. Can you name some of the important construction projects that you have handled in past?
  3. Can you tell us some of the prominent security norms and standard in construction field?
  4. What are those major yet common problems that a construction engineer has to face in any project?
  5. What are the latest earthquake-proof building technologies and do you think they can be easily implemented here as well?
  6. In a tall structure, what are those security measure that should not be missed or forget?
  7. Do you know about some building codes related with energy conservation?
  8. What is building code and what is its utility in construction?
  9. What kind of fire resistant technologies or safety norms you would suggest in an apartment building?
  10. How much salary do you expect from this job?
  11. What kind of construction related alternative materials are available in market for the traditional once?
  12. What are the dam and bridge construction norms of central government?

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