Sunday, August 12, 2012

Computer Engineer Interview Questions

Computer engineer interview questions are asked to the candidates who are willing to acquire the job position of a computer engineer. By measuring the educational qualifications, overall working experience and professional abilities, a deserving candidate can be hired.

Sample Computer Engineer Interview Questions:

  • Mention about your years of experience as a computer engineer. How do you rate your overall working experience?
  • As a computer engineer, tell us about the job functions you have performed in your previous job.
  • Differentiate between the computer software and hardware. What do you understand from configuring a computer system?
  • Name the software you have developed in your previous organization?
  • Tell us something about your troubleshooting and analytical skills. How do your skills can benefit our firm?
  • After identifying a technical or programming error in a computer system, what techniques do you follow to troubleshoot these software problems?
  • What do you understand by a programming language? How many types of programming language you can code to develop new programming applications?
  • Differentiate between the application program and an instruction program.
  • How do you prepare a system flow chart before developing a software program?
  • Do you think you can work on a wide range of software programs? How many software projects have you handed in your career?
  • Explain a web application. How do you choose the type of web development application for initiating an online software project?
  • What are your salary expectations from this job profile?
  • When can you join us?

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