Sunday, August 12, 2012

Growth Design Engineer Interview Questions

A growth design engineer interview questions are for those people who are going to sit in an interview of this job. Growth design engineers’ makes growth plans for the organization with the consideration of various departments of company. The growth design engineer should be well versed with computer graphic applications especially with CAD, because all these growth plans would be chalked out with CAD programming. Therefore, the interview questions cover a range of topics related to this job.

Sample Growth Design Engineer Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us something about yourself and your experience as growth design engineer?
  2. Tell us about some of your major growth plans that you made in your past job and that really helped the organization to enhance its business and benefits as well?
  3. Can you briefly design a growth plan for our customer service department? Mention three key points of that growth plan?
  4. Can you define the key objects of a growth design engineer for different departments of a company? What is your strategy to combine the necessities and expectations of different departments?
  5. Name those high speed analog circuits that you need to design a growth plan for an IT firm?
  6. What are the latest technologies or processes to design growth plans for IT companies? How much they are helpful in growth plan design making?
  7. Can we use any other software tools rather than CAD for designing the plans? If yes, than why CAD is always preferred?
  8. Why did you choose this field only, why not any other engineering field?

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