Sunday, August 12, 2012

Employee Exit Interview Questions

Exit interviews are conducted when any employee leaves the organization. Similar to entry interviews these are also very important, as it helps the employer to understand the reason behind the employee turnover. In exit interviews most of the time the employer asks about the root cause for the employee to leave the organization. Employee is also asked to explain his experiences in the organization and if he is expecting any kind of change in the structure or in the work culture of the organization. Employee also does not hesitate to express his opinion in the exit interviews as he is at the stage of leaving the organization. Some common questions asked in the exit interviews are as under:

Sample Employee Exit Interview Questions

  • What was the reason behind joining this organization?
  • How was your experience in this organization?
  • Why are you leaving this organization?
  • Which are the best thing about this organization and which is the worst thing as per your opinion?
  • Is there any message or suggestion you would like to leave for the management?
  • Is there anything we can do to change your decision of leaving this organization?
  • Which all changes do you want to see in this organization?
  • Would you recommend any of your friends to this organization?
  • What was your initial perception about this organization and how did it change over the period of time?
  • Were you satisfied with the training given by us to meet the expectation of the organization?
  • How would you assess the supervision in this company?
  • Were the pay structure and other incentives satisfactory?
  • If given the opportunity would you come back to this organization?

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