Sunday, August 12, 2012

Builders Design Engineer Interview Questions

A builders design engineer interview questions are for those people who want to sit in the interview for this job. The building design engineers are responsible to make a blueprint of a construction project on paper. This blueprint could be a new one or modifications or an improvements in some existing projects. The building design engineers are expected to design the structure as per the requirements of security, energy consumption, water necessities and other building standard.

Sample Builders Design Engineer Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us something about your academics related with building designing engineering?
  2. What do you know about building code?
  3. Name those big or important projects that you have designed in past and what were the major obstacles you have encountered while working on that?
  4. These days when the demand for green home and green buildings is increasing, how do you think this demand is challenging from a designer’s perspective.
  5. Can you tell us the chemical structure of cement and the codes about its quality measurement?
  6. What are the latest technologies in building design engineering?
  7. Have you ever used or suggested any kind of alternative construction materials rather than the traditional one?
  8. What is a standard energy code for a commercial building?
  9. While making a design for a sky-scrapper what are those major security measures and other requirements that should be kept in mind?
  10. What are the latest technologies to prevent or minimize the effect of earthquake and other natural disasters?
  11. How much salary do you expect for this job profile?

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