Sunday, August 12, 2012

Biomedical Engineer Interview Questions

Biomedical engineer interview questions are asked to the individuals, who are sitting for the job interview of a biomedical engineer. By evaluating the overall work experience, education qualifications and judging the professional attitude, a deserving candidate can be appointed on this designation.

Sample Biomedical Engineer Interview Questions:

  • Please mention about your overall biomedical engineering experience. How satisfied are you with your work experience?
  • Explain the five major job duties of a biomedical engineer?
  • How do you rate your knowledge of medicines and ability of identifying disease symptoms?
  • How do you explain BMI? How does it help to reduce the weight of an obese person?
  • Explain Alziheimer’s diseases with its symptoms? How can you diagnose it?
  • Discuss MRI, how this technique is helpful in diagnosing certain disease symptoms?
  • Differentiate between MRI, PET and X-ray.
  • Explain micro array, epilepsy and DNA fingerprinting.
  • What do you understand from therapeutic cloning? How does this technique help us?
  • Discuss your method of arranging clinical trials and medical products? How do you record the quality control and auditing document for the same?
  • Tell us something about your problem solving and decision making skills.
  • As a biomedical engineer, discuss various problems have you faced in your career?
  • Discuss your strategy to design, plan and develop a robotic surgical instrument.
  • How do you arrange and purchase the safety related products and identify the associated lacks in the safety programs?
  • Do you think you can complete the assigned workload within the deadline?
  • Why should we hire when we have more educated and experienced candidates than you?

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