Sunday, August 12, 2012

Automotive Engineer Interview Questions

Automotive engineer interview questions are used as an effective tool to screen the individuals, who are seeking to acquire the designation of an automotive engineer. These questions are helpful in selecting the deserving contender by measuring the education status, overall work experience and professional attitude.

Sample Automotive Engineer Interview Questions:

  • Kindly mention something about the weaknesses and strengths of your resume. Why did you leave your last job when you were working on a good job position?
  • What stimulated you to choose your career in the automotive industry?
  • Define a knee point. Explain the function of boiler HP.
  • What do you understand by MVA and KVA? Give any two major differences between these terms?
  • Define water proofing system. How many types of water proofing system are advisable in the automotive industry?
  • Distinguish between grouting and auto dosing. How are these different from each other?
  • What do you understand from DC supply? What would happen if you give DC supply to the motor?
  • Explain the functioning of a transformer. How do you measure per unit supply in the transformer?
  • Explain the difference between rate and per unit in the transformer.
  • What do you understand by sub protection?
  • Differentiate between the active and passive component? Explain the functioning of each.
  • Describe the functioning of lignite in 250 Watt HPMV Street light?
  • What do you understand from control valve? How does it different from a solenoid valve?
  • Explain the meaning of brake horse power?
  • How do you deal with a lot of stress when you handle some important project?
  • Which cooling process is widely used in the stream turbine?

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