Saturday, July 28, 2012

QT4 Designer Interview Questions

QT4 Designer Interview Questions are the questions which one could expect to be asked at an interview organized for the post of a QT4 Designer. The questions posed should be relevant to the topic and must be good enough to know whether the candidate qualifies for the post or not. A QT4 designer is a person who specializes in developing application software using a graphical user interface (GUI).

Sample QT4 Designer Interview Questions:

  • Please tell us something about yourself.
  • Have you been working as a QT4 designer earlier?
  • For how long? Why did you leave the job?
  • Do you think that your educational qualifications will allow you to give a good performance at our organization?
  • Have you worked in pressure stricken situations as well where one would have to work to meet deadlines?
  • Can you explain the difference between QT and other mobile development platforms?
  • What is a qpointer and a dpointer?
  • Do you have enough experience working with GTK?
  • Explain the usage of a qmake?
  • How does a qcast differ from c++’ s dynamic cast?
  • Do you think QT4 designing is interesting or do you just take it as your profession?
  • How bright do you think is the future of QT4 designing and designers?
  • Do you have any other alternate career ideas?
  • Can you help us suggest a pay scale for you?
  • Do you see yourself sticking to the job position even three years down the line?

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