Monday, July 16, 2012

Computer Interview Questions

Computer interview questions are naturally the ones that test the knowledge and skills of a candidate in computer and its applications, on applying for a job that significantly involves the need to possess such education. The advancement of science and technology in this century has necessitated the acquiring of computer literacy and efficiency in practicing the same, whatsoever be the form of job.

Computer interview question should be framed in a way so as to check if the candidate possesses and in-depth knowledge in this subject and his concepts are clear enough for the efficient implementation of these skills. It is of no use if a person has just learned the concepts theoretically and cannot even switch it on or handle it properly. Anybody who has applied for a job that involves the use of computer must be familiar with this multi-purpose electronic device in both practice and theory. Certain points should be considered while framing these interview questions, such as:
  • Computer interview questions should test the candidate’s education and training in the concerned field. The person should be aware of the hardware as well as software details.
  • The applicant should be able to implement his knowledge in the respective area of job and the interview questions must assess such abilities in him.
  • Computer interview questions need to be such that they can analyze the candidate’s innovativeness and ability to produce and apply new ideas for easier and quicker operations.

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