Friday, November 25, 2011

Advertising Project Manager Interview Questions

Advertising project manager interview questions areprogrammed by the experts in order to interview the deserving candidates, whoare willing to work as an advertising project manager. An interview panel canappoint the best candidate by assessing the professional abilities, reviewingthe educational background and inspecting the knowledge of all candidates.

Sample AdvertisingProject Manager Interview Questions:

  1. Walk us through your resume.  Why do you want to work with us?
  2. Explain the major job functions of an advertising project manager.
  3. Tell us something about your advertising knowledge and communication skills.
  4. Are you confident to handle more than two advertising projects together?
  5. Name any two project management strategies that play a vital role in the success of an advertising project.
  6. How do you measure the status of an advertising project, which is in the pipeline?
  7. Discuss your role in planning the budget of an advertising project.
  8. Have you ever handled a situation, where you were alone to plan and execute an advertising project, but later your project ended up with poor results? In the future, how would you deal with such a situation?
  9. How do you deal with the potential clients to outline and implement a particular advertising project by identifying their requirements?
  10. What technique do you use to influence your advertising project team? How would you train the new employees in your teams?
  11. Tell us about your method of saving the records and documenting the confidential client data.
  12. If we appoint you for this job, when are you available to join us?

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