Monday, July 23, 2012 Interview Questions interview questions are designed with a sole intention to find a suitable programmer who can handle and code programs in the software. These questions are mainly set by those software organizations who work on the domain.

Sample Interview Questions

  1. Do you have any concrete comparison for Crystal Reports Vs Cognos If ‘no’ then why is it still not possible to gain any comparison till date for this two?
  2. Tell me how many software series has released till date? What is the advancement in each preceding series than the previous one?
  3. What are the various file formats that are involved in this software
  4. During the time of creating reports can you connect multiple databases in this software? If ‘yes’ at least tell one method.
  5. Mention about few prompts that you use while working on this software. How would you create those prompts? Mention the function of one important prompt.
  6. What is the difference between report studio and query studio? According to you which one has more advantage and why?
  7. How to display zero when null values are coming while writing a program in
  8. Apart from technical skill in this domain, what are the other domains you are interested on? If it is possible then tell how will you relate your interest of other domain with this domain?
  9. How much salary you expect from this job position on the domain?
  10. If selected for this job, how soon can you join us?

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