Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pest and Weed Controller Interview Questions

Pest and weed controller interview questions are speciallyoutlined for interviewing the interested candidates, who are willing to acquirethis job position. With the help of these questions, the concerned interviewpanel can easily estimate the professional abilities, working experience andeducation level of candidates.

Sample Pest and WeedController Interview Questions:

  1. Please mention something about your previous work experience. What have you learnt from your prior work experience?
  2. As a pest and weed controller, explain your main job responsibilities?
  3. Tell us about your observation and problem solving skills do you think can be proven beneficial for our firm?
  4. Discuss the type of insect and ants badly harm the harvest and garden nursery. According to you, what weather conditions help to grow these harmful insects?
  5. Name the pesticides do you think are beneficial for faming and kill the insects effectively?
  6. How do you identify the pest and weeds present in the harvest? Explain the general symptoms you generally try to find for ensuring the presence of hazardous bugs.
  7. What farming technique do you follow to remove the weeds from cultivated areas?
  8. Do you think the spray of strong gasses to clean pest & weeds is good for plants?
  9. What agriculture procedure do you prefer for the nourishment of soil before seeding?
  10. Tell us any three seasonal problems, which disturb farmers the most?
  11. Name the annual reports prepared by you. How do you oversee the uploading and updating of existing records?
  12. How do you purchase the seeds and insect killers from the market?
  13. Why do you think you are the suitable candidate for this job position?

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